echo "hey i'm xero"

a 40 year old coder living in pittsburgh, pa who works for brandingbrand using his unix skills as a programmer on the devops team. dedicated to releasing open source code and giving away my fonts for free. the kind of arch linux user who you'd call a "ricer" and has his dotfiles under version control. long hair, beard, black/grey clothes, vans shoes, piercings, and tattoos. i'm married to the love on my life nina, and we have a frisky bichon puppy named harley. and if you haven't noticed yet, i don't care for capitalization.

i <3 code, nix, mp3s, fonts, ripz, games, comics, and h4x.

i code/script in some languages:

php, javascript/json, actionscipt, posix shell/bash, html/5, xml, css/sass/stylus, c/c++, c#, java, python, lsl, tcl, m

i'm also familiar with some database platforms:

sql, mysql/maria, sqlite, ms sql, oracle, db2, access

warez i can't live without:

the unix shell / zsh, urxvt, tmux, vim, git, chromium, dmenu, pass,, comicrack, rutorrent

favorite authors + books

william gibson { neuromancer, count zero, virtual light, mona lisa overdrive, idoru }
george orwell { 1984, animal farm, keep the aspidistra flying }
stan lee, jim lee, alan moore, and frank miller should be on this list too, but they're books are next...

comics i suggest you read

age of apocalypse, black science, cable, chew, deadpool, generation x, ghost in the shell, ghost rider 2099, judge dredd, the manhattan projects, the maxx, saga, sin city, think tank, v for vendetta, watchmen, weapon x, wizzywig, wolverine, x-factor, x-force, x-men (amazing, uncanny, all new, first class, ultimate, forever, noir... ANY/ALL OF THEM!)

music to rawk out

armcannon, arottenbit, bit shifter, the black dahlia murder, black flag, black wizard, brimstone coven, covox, the circle jerks, converge, curlupanddie, darkthrone, the daughters, death, the dillinger escape plan, dispyz, fullofhell, galaktikon, iron maiden, leviathan, the locust, mayhem, metal metroid, the minibosses, nullsleep, phlogiston, rolo tomassi, rza as bobby digital, trash80, wolves in the throne room, wormrot, wu-tang, the wyrding module, x|k, ███████


i do ascii/ansi art as x0 a member of blocktronics and impure 1940

contact me

i sign my stuff w/ 15A4 B803 F8EF F47E 7A21 5049 0DA7 AB45 AC1D 0000

curl | gpg --import
or find me on keybase

i do social stuff around the web:

github twitter twitter facebook tumblr stackoverflow reddit

friends + inspirational sites

venam / nixers
neeasade / no rice no life
lord nikon
donovan hubbard
matt burdine
ricardo cabello / mr.doob
jerome birembaut / seraf
diego garcia / radstronomical
justin windle / soulwire

totally random note... there are over 100 commas on this page. ++lol